New Gotham Promo Art Teases A Dark Knight


Despite Gotham being a radical reinterpretation of the Batman mythos, we all pretty much know how it’s going to end: With Bruce Wayne embracing his destiny as the Dark Knight. With the character currently being around 16 years of age on the prequel series, one would naturally expect it to be quite some time before he takes up cape and cowl. But oddly enough, this iteration aims to own the night much sooner than we’d normally come to expect.

Recently, the producers gave us hard evidence of their mad dash to the finish line by unveiling Bruce’s proto-Batman suit that bears more resemblance to Midnighter than any version of the Caped Crusader we’ve come to know. Seriously, after taking one look at his textured motorcycle jacket and cowl sans bat ears, you’ll fully understand why he’s been referred to as “Bondage Bruce” on social media.

All jests aside, the time has come to prepare ourselves for whatever the coming year has in store for us. Not long ago, some promo images surfaced that pointed toward the first half of season 4 being subtitled “Dawn of Night,” which made sense given the current point in Bruce’s journey.

Well, it appears as though those plans may have been scrapped by the powers that be with “A Dark Knight” now being in its place. Keep in mind this could be merely a promotional tagline, but since season 2, subtitles have played a key role in the show’s marketing. Actually, a similar situation happened one year ago with “Heroes Will Fall” originally intended to be the subtitle for the first half of season 3, but that was swiftly replaced by “Mad City.”

Gotham returns for its fourth season on Thursday, September 21 on Fox.