New ‘Hawkeye’ featurette looks back at Clint’s MCU journey

by Keane Eacobellis

It’s finally here! This Wednesday marked the premiere of Marvel’s Hawkeye, with the first two episodes of the MCU’s latest TV series debuting on Disney Plus. To mark the big day, Marvel Studios released one more featurette for the show, which puts the focus on how far the titular avenging archer has come across the franchise to date. Check out the promo, which features Jeremy Renner reflecting back on his Marvel career, via the tweet below.

“Clint Barton was one of the original six Avengers and, because of this Hawkeye show, we get to share all of who Clint Barton is in a very exciting way,” Renner teases, while director Rhys Thomas sums up what makes Clint different from the rest of Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. Thomas labels him “a very ordinary guy” driven by “a sense of duty” to do what’s right instead of being gifted with superpowers.

Exec producer Brad Winderbaum goes on to stress how Clint has “always been the human face of the Avengers” and argues that there’s much about him that “parallels people’s true life experiences.” Fellow EP Trinh Tran adds that Renner is all about finding the “truth” of his character and that, after playing him for a decade, he knows Clint “inside out.” Speaking of the man himself, Renner rounds out the featurette by hinting that his MCU journey isn’t over yet. “I’m excited to see where it goes,” he concludes.

While this promo takes a nostalgic stance, Hawkeye itself is pretty forward-thinking as the first two eps introduce a bunch of key new characters into the universe, including Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, Clint’s protégé. We know to expect much more from her in the MCU, but will her idol and mentor be back, too, as Renner seems to be suggesting? Looks like we’ll just have to keep watching Hawkeye to find out.