New ‘Moon Knight’ images showcase Marc Spector in action

Moon Knight
Image via Disney Plus

These new official promo images recap this week’s third episode of Marvel’s Moon Knight. The latest MCU series to stream on Disney Plus took a turn in its latest installment as it switched the focus from eccentric British alter Steven Grant to his much tougher original personality, Marc Spector. Together with his wife, Layla El-Faouly (May Calamawy), Oscar Isaac’s hero traveled to Egypt in an attempt to beat villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) to the tomb of the ancient god Ammit.

In these photos, as shared by the official Moon Knight Twitter account, all three major players are spotlighted, alongside Marc’s mummified boss, Khonshu, the Egyptian god of the moon. This was a big week for him, too, as we discovered that Khonshu is considered a rogue member of the Ennead due to his habit of interfering in the human world by sending out his avatars to seek justice. Check out the images via the gallery below:

As the images remind us, this was perhaps the most action-packed episode of the show yet. With Marc in the driving seat for much of the hour, the Moon Knight persona got to shine a little more. And, as an added bonus, we even got more of Mr. Knight… Even if his appearance in the middle of a fight wasn’t good news for Marc, as Steven’s bumbling left him open to attack and got him impaled multiple times over. Thank the Ennead for his invulnerability while in the suit, right?

The episode ended with Harrow victorious, as he had successfully manipulated the Ennead into imprisoning Khonshu, leaving Marc without his powerful master. That said, the moon god was able to point the Spectors in the right direction towards Ammit’s tomb before he was apprehended, so maybe they’ll get the jump on the evil Harrow after all. We’ll find out when Moon Knight continues next Wednesday on Disney Plus.