New The Punisher Set Photos Find Frank Castle Paying His Respects


Later this year, we’ll finally get to see The Punisher TV series we’ve all been waiting for. Jon Bernthal reprises the role of Frank Castle after his acclaimed supporting turn on Daredevil season 2, as the spinoff Marvel series finds the violent vigilante roaming New York City out for justice. If these new set photos are any indication, however, he’ll also pay his respects along the way.

After Bernthal was previously seen roaming bearded and hooded, these latest stills (which can be seen here, since they’re copyrighted) find Castle clean-shaved and hood-less. He’s carrying some flowers and rocking his signature haircut, too. Other than that, there’s not much else to glean from the pics, but they should still excite fans nonetheless.

Currently, it’s unclear just when Netflix/Marvel hope to release The Punisher, but we expect that it’ll arrive after The Defenders crashes onto the streaming service this summer. Both are filming in the Big Apple right now, but the miniseries team-up limited event will take precedent. Our best guess is that The Punisher will debut closer towards the fall, perhaps around the same time Luke Cage premiered its first season, but we could be wrong.

Regardless of when it ends up arriving, we’re certainly excited about the show. There’s a lot of interesting backstory for the character that Marvel can explore here which will no doubt help to flesh him out even more. We did get hints in Daredevil, but with the antihero now being the main focus, the spinoff will surely dive into it a lot deeper when it premieres later this year.

Tell us, are you ready to see what Frank Castle does with his own series when The Punisher hits Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below.