New ‘The Boys’ season 3 poster teases a superpowered Billy Butcher

Image via Amazon Studios / The Boys

A new character poster for the upcoming third season of Prime Video’s The Boys reveals that Billy Butcher might be taking that “you are what you hate” saying too literally.

The release of the The Boys Presents: Diabolical anthology animated series may have satiated fan hype for a while, but not forever. That’s why the crew of Amazon Prime’s superhero black comedy is gearing up for the long-anticipated release of season three. Now, with whispers of a first trailer filling the air, the official Twitter account for The Boys has decided to release yet another tease for the next run, one that involves the leader of the titular band of anti-superhero misfits known as the Boys.

In the new character poster, which you can see below, Billy Butcher is back in all his menacing apparatus — most certainly involving a beard — and looks to be on the hunt for the Seven once again. The first look comes with a twist, though, one that currently has many fans wondering if Billy is going to down a Compound V bottle so that he can rise to the occasion of fighting the supes on his own terms.

The poster comes with an enigmatic caption, too, which reads: “Soon, it’ll be time to level the playing field.” Is The Boys actually teasing a superpowered Karl Urban for season three by showing his eyes glowing golden, or is that an intentional red herring by the show’s marketing team?

I guess we won’t know for sure until Amazon shows us more of what they’ve been cooking behind the scenes for the past two years. The Boys season three is currently slated for a June 3 release.