Titans Season 2 BTS Photo Reveals Batman In The Batcave

Batman Titans

Titans season 1 featured a lot more of Batman than we were expecting. As the series dug into Dick Grayson’s upbringing and complicated feelings about his estranged mentor, the Dark Knight was often featured from behind or in the shadows or in some other indirect way. And it looks like Bats isn’t going anywhere, as he’ll continue to show up in season 2.

This new behind the scenes snap comes straight from filming on the sophomore run of the DC Universe series and shows Batsy in the Batcave with what appears to be Brenton Thwaites as Robin by his side. Shockingly, the pair of Caped Crusaders seem to have been corned by some armed guards. How did these military goons get access to the Batcave? Can Bruce and Dick fight them off? We’ll have to wait to tune in and find out (same Bat-time, same Bat-channel).

This shot’s pretty encouraging, as it suggests that we might even see a clearer look at the iconic hero. Notice that Dick isn’t in his superhero outfit, which must mean this is set in the present. But can Grayson really resume a partnership with Bruce in some form? After all, it’d mean the producers can’t go on finding ways to keep Bats out of focus.

In any case, Titans season 2 certainly won’t be lacking in DC comics characters. Superboy and Krypto were teased in the season 1 finale while Donna Troy’s also going to suit up as Wonder Girl. Then there’s those reports stating that Deathstroke and his kids Ravager and Jericho will join the cast as well, with Slade Wilson serving as the new big bad. If Titans added Batman to the mix, too, it would just be pure DC heaven.

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