There Are No Plans To Introduce Ms. Marvel In Inhumans


As we all know, Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will make her big screen debut in 2019 – but what about the character who adopted her old mantle of Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan?

The teenage Inhuman (well, she’s actually a human with Inhuman traits….but we won’t get into that here) has become a fairly popular hero since her introduction back in 2013, and the fact that she also happens to be a Muslim Pakistani American has led to many fans calling for a live-action adaptation sooner rather than later, given the current climate. In the past few years, there’s been a lot in the way of rumors and speculation pointing to the character getting her own television show, but so far, nothing’s materialized. It doesn’t look like that’ll change anytime soon, either.

Though some were hoping to see Ms. Marvel introduced in Inhumans, which would make some sense since, like we mentioned above, she has Inhuman genes (though isn’t part of the Royal Family), according to the studio’s Jeph Loeb, there are no plans in place for that to happen.

While speaking with That Hashtag Show, the producer revealed that while Marvel doesn’t have any plans at the moment to bring the character to the small screen, they are leaving the door open.

“At the moment there’s no plans for that to happen. That doesn’t mean it [won’t] happen,” said Loeb.

That’s far from a confirmation, but it’s nice to hear that the studio is at least open to the idea and not completely ruling it out. Still, with the way things are going for Inhumans right now, we’d be surprised if it even makes it to a second season, let alone gets a chance to introduce us to Ms. Marvel. That doesn’t mean we won’t be seeing her elsewhere, though.

After all, we already know that the House of Ideas have a few new shows in development at ABC and even if she doesn’t end up debuting on Inhumans, we’re pretty confident that Kamala Khan will be brought to live-action sooner rather than later.

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