Nora West-Allen Returning For Crisis On Infinite Earths

Nora The Flash

Nora West-Allen was erased from existence the last time we saw her in The Flash season 5 finale, which is a pretty final way for a character to be written out. But, this being the Arrowverse, fans know that anything can happen. And it looks like the fate of Barry and Iris’ daughter from the future might not be permanent as she may just show up in the incoming “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover.

We Got This Covered has heard from our sources – the same ones who told us Viola Davis was returning for The Suicide Squad and that Black Adam will appear in Shazam! 3, both of which have since been confirmed – that Jessica Parker Kennedy will appear in the event as XS. It’s currently unclear how, given what happened to the character, but we’ve been told that she’ll be involved. This only makes sense, really, seeing as it was Nora’s messing with the timeline that caused the multiversal crisis to be moved forward by five years in the first place, after it was previously scheduled to take place in 2024.

Thanks to the wide-open canvas of “Crisis,” there are a few ways that Nora can return. An obvious one is that Parker-Kennedy could play a doppelganger of her previous character from another universe. Alternatively, we know that the crossover will reboot the Arrowverse to include Supergirl on Earth-1. So, what if another consequence is that Nora is placed back into the timeline?

In any case, we already know that another figure from the Flash corner of the Arrowverse is returning for “Crisis,” too, as John Wesley Shipp is set to come back for the event, though we haven’t had it clarified which one of his several characters he’s playing. Likewise, our sources have informed us that Mark Hamill will turn up as well. Whether as the Trickster opposite Shipp’s Flash or as the Joker opposite Conroy’s Batman, we don’t know.

Crisis on Infinite Earths” is set to stretch across five episodes of all five Arrowverse series, beginning on December 8th and concluding on January 14th.