Norman Reedus’ on-set injury turns out to be concussion

Norman Reedus
Photo by JC Olivera/Getty Images

Fans of popular character actor Norman Reedus got some bad news yesterday (March 15) when they found out Reedus suffered an injury on the set of hit show The Walking Dead.

Now we’re getting some more specific information about what actually happened, courtesy of TMZ. Reedus suffered a concussion on Friday (March 11), and it’s not known whether the injury happened while the show was filming or not. We also don’t know how severe the injury was.

Reedus is already out of the hospital, however, and he’s “recovering well,” according to his representation.

“Norman suffered a concussion on set,” Jeffrey Chassen, the actor’s representative, told Deadline. “He is recovering well and will return to work soon.  Thank you to everyone for their concern.”

The Fandemic Tour, which would’ve featured Reedus, first broke the news that Reedus would be postponing his appearance due to an injury, but it didn’t elaborate much further than that.

Due to unforeseen circumstances … Norman Reedus had to postpone due to an injury. We are sending all of our thoughts and positive energy to Norman Reedus. Everyone in our amazing community knows how much he loves his fans, and he wants you to know how terrible he feels about the situation. However, we all want him to do what is best for his health. Let’s send him all of our well-wishes and hope for a speedy recovery.

Norman is currently filming the last season of The Walking Dead, and will start filming his own spinoff of the show either later this year or next. The spinoff, announced in September of 2020, will feature Reedus and fellow cast member Melissa McBride as Carol Peletier.