Norman Reedus Shares First Walking Dead Season 10 Set Photo


The Walking Dead is heading back into production today as work begins on its tenth season and star Norman Reedus shared a spoiler-free set photo to mark the occasion on his Instagram, which consists of his personalized chair perched in the woods next to one marked “Carol,” designating it as Melissa McBride’s. “Day 1,” Reedus wrote in his caption.

This is a fitting image, as it reminds us that Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier are the last two characters to have been with the show since season 1, as the past few years have seen many long-running cast members fly the nest – even Andrew Lincoln vacated the parent series in season 9. Although, he is due to return as Rick Grimes in a movie trilogy in the near future.

Some fans might also see this as a sign that “Caryl” is finally going to become a thing. TWD lovers have been hoping a romance might develop between these characters for years, and the season 9 finale suggested it might happen as Carol was revealed to have separated from her husband Ezekiel. Reedus could be alluding to something blossoming between them, but it’s worth remembering that McBride has teased that Carol and Ezekiel’s marriage isn’t over yet.

Daryl could find himself getting intimate with someone else, however, as showrunner Angela Kang has hinted that season 10 might be when the loner finally opens up enough to enter into a relationship. If we’ve already met Daryl’s potential other half, it could be Connie, as the pair seemed to develop something in season 9.

Elsewhere, season 10 will be the last to star Danai Gurira as Michonne, though she’s expected to make an appearance in Lincoln’s films. Also, Lauren Cohan should be back in a guest spot as Maggie Rhee at some point as well, after leaving alongside Lincoln last year.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC this fall.