Norman Reedus Says The Walking Dead Will Address Daryl’s Sex Life

Daryl Walking Dead

When you live in a post-apocalyptic hell and have to fight for survival every day, you need to take enjoyment from life where you can. While The Walking Dead hasn’t been particularly big in showing on-screen sex between characters, it’s been made clear on numerous occasion when they have hooked up with one another. A notable exception to this is Daryl, who despite being one of the show’s longest serving members and now its nominal lead, has never had an official romantic interest.

The topic was brought up when Norman Reedus was interviewed on Popcorn With Peter Travers and the actor had this to say about the possibility of the show finally incorporating Daryl’s romantic proclivities.

“I’ve heard some rumors that they may address some of that. [The showrunners] talked to me a little bit. It’s funny how much they talk to me and don’t say much. I could spend hours with our bosses and they’re like, ‘I can’t tell you that.’ But it’s weird on that show, because in the beginning they told us everything. We’d get six scripts before we even started the season, and now everything is just in secrecy. Because some of the zombie extras will go through the trash, and that stuff will be online, it’s like everything has to be shredded. It’s so top secret now.”

Despite Daryl’s lack of any official relationship status, fans have nevertheless shipped him with other characters, such as longtime companion Carol, with whom he has always been open and forthright about both of them being unafraid to do what needs to be done regardless of the personal consequences; Beth, during season 4 when the pair split off from the main group following the Governor’s attack on the prison; and most recently Connie, with whom he has grown close since her introduction last season.

Some viewers have taken his apparent lack of romantic interest in anyone as an indication that he’s asexual, which is something not often seen in any character in any form of entertainment, least of all the central member of an ensemble of a major TV show.

Whatever happens with Daryl’s sex life (or continuing lack thereof) in The Walking Dead, it will doubtless prove to be another interesting facet of one of the series’ most compelling characters.