Watch Negan And Alpha’s Bizarre Sex Scene On The Walking Dead


The Walking Dead‘s mid-season premiere brought plenty of drama and some unfortunate moments for some of our heroes. But perhaps the most unusual moment of the night came from Alpha and Negan’s awkward sex scene in the middle of the forest.

After marching Negan into the wilderness to what he assumed might be his demise, Alpha instead showed her appreciation to him for outing Gamma as a spy. After asking him to strip down nude, he uncomfortably complied, turning around to find that she had stripped off everything but her skin mask. She then approached Negan, called him a crass man and told him she figured he’d appreciate a crass reward as she slowly made her way over to him and began to make her move. When asked if he’s bothered by her leaving on her grotesque skin mask, Negan implied that it was having quite the opposite effect on him. Gross.

Though the scene ends right before showing an active sexual encounter, Negan and Alpha clearly engage in the deed, marking one of the weirdest and most unexpected moments in the show’s history, and one that surely shocked fans of the two villains. With things taking this turn, it’s yet another layer to add to the growing rift that Negan’s arrival has caused between Alpha and Beta this season.

Considering the recent character growth he’s undergone, it’s been logically assumed that Negan’s plan is to infiltrate the Whisperers, gain Alpha’s trust, and ultimately kill her like he does in the The Walking Dead comic. Time will only tell if this unexpected twist will impact his decision going forward, but we sure hope we find out by the end of the season. In the meantime, you can check out this strange and somewhat awkward scene in all its glory up above.