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‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ episode 2 recap: “He’s still alive”

And Princess Leia is taking no sh*t.

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Warning: this article contains massive spoilers for episode 2 of Obi-Wan Kenobi

Star Wars fans are eating up as Disney Plus’ series Obi-Wan Kenobi has finally arrived on Disney Plus. “Part One” set us up for what we can expect from the six-episode run, and “Part Two” kicks it into hyperspeed. Beware — it’s a rollercoaster. There’s so much is going on, so I’ll just get right into it.

Warning: spoilers ahead

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Welcome to Daiyu

Episode 2 takes place on the planet Daiyu, known for its inhabitants not being able to leave. If you were kidnapped and sent here, you’re unlikely to return home. Kenobi appears, struggling to track a ship known to have young Princess Leia on board, but was told that tracking signals are blocked. Turns out this planet has secrets that are best left alone.

Kenobi walks around the neon, Japanese neon-punk vibe streets, filled with gamblers and poor war veterans. He meets a spice dealer, and asks her for information but she warns him that he’s never going to find her again if she was sent here. She knew this to be fact as she too “was someone’s daughter once” but was never rescued.

A young boy named Jayco sees Kenobi and tells him that he knows someone who could help — a Jedi. Kenobi obviously isn’t convinced since the Jedi died thanks to the execution of Order 66. But Jayco says he can take him to that person “for the right price”.

Could it be that the Jedi order is still alive, but just in hiding like the Mandalorians?

Princess Leia is a snark

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In this episode, little Leia has a snarky attitude. The young princess is suspicious of who Kenobi is as he doesn’t give much information about who he is. I mean, the young girl asked Kenobi to prove his identity as a Jedi by using some of his abilities like using a lightsaber or making her float. But Kenobi tells her that doing that will bring them more attention. Fair enough.

Her distrust grows bigger when she sees Kenobi’s face plastered on the bounty hunter screens, as she fears that Kenobi is someone who wants to harm her. Leia flees Kenobi which leads to her being spotted by bounty hunters. The hunters promise not to hurt her as long as they locate where Kenobi is. After nearly falling to her death, saved by Kenobi and the force, she begins to trust him.

The Third Sister is more than just a dark servant

It was revealed in Episode 1 that the third sister, also known as Reva, was the mastermind behind the kidnapping. Now, she’s being confronted by the Grand Inquisitor who called her out on her foolish actions to kidnap the princess. Reva tries to convince him that it was the only way to get close to Kenobi, and that Leia was just bait. However, her efforts were disregarded and were seen as a failure. The Grand Inquisitor reminds Reva of her place, that she came from the gutters and that she is always going to be the least of all the inquisitors.

This obviously pissed Reva off, who sees herself as the best. She sends an order for all bounty hunters and lowlifes to find Kenobi which pissed The Grand Inquisitor off. And you know what — you go girl! Sure, you may be a servant to the dark side, but you are more than a low-tier soldier.

…He’s still alive

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As the two try to make their escape, Reva arrives. Kenobi tells Leia to go ahead as he tries to buy her some time. Reva taunts Kenobi, as she says to him that he won’t die today and that she will take him to someone… Darth Vader. Kenobi froze the moment he hears that name, realizing that his former apprentice, Anakin, is still alive.

As Reva gets close, the Grand Inquisitor appears. But, as he was about to capture Kenobi himself, Reva kills him, giving Kenobi enough time to make his escape.

The show ends with a close-up of Kenobi, before quickly transitioning to a burnt Anakin Skywaker in a vector tank.

What’s next?

Vader is alive, Kenobi and Leia escaped, and Reva promised to find them. It’s doubtful they will arrive in Alderaan in the next episode, but chances are their next destination will be flooded with ideas of how to return to safety.

Obi-Wan Kenobi is currently streaming on Disney Plus, with new episodes every Friday.

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