‘Obi-Wan Kenobi’ episode 4 recap: things don’t always go to plan

obi-wan episode 4 recap
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This article contains major spoilers for episode four of Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Obi-Wan Kenobi’s third episode took the series to its first major climax, pitting Obi-Wan came face-to-face with his former padawan Anakin — now Darth Vader, after learning of his survival in episode two.

This meeting did not go well for the Jedi master seeing him handily bested in combat and having Leia taken from under his guidance. Now while nursing his wounds from battle, Obi-Wan needs to devise a plan to retrieve Leia before it’s too late.

Here’s a look at everything that took place in Obi-Wan Kenobi: Part IV.

Where Obi-Wan left off

Obi-Wan is still fighting to survive the battle against Darth Vader. The Jedi has been taken aboard Tala’s ship and thrown into a Bacta tank where he is healing, but reliving memories of his battle against Vader.

As soon as he leaves the tank, Obi-Wan wants to know: Where’s Leia?

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Locked up

Things shift to the Inquisitor stronghold where Reva is holding Leia captive. She taunts her by saying Obi-Wan has died and no one is headed there to save her.

Back to Obi-Wan, the underground resistance wants him gone, arguing the Jedi attract too many problems. Obi-Wan protests for them to help find Leia, and after some resistance, they agree to help.

These new helpers know the location of Leia and work together to form a plan of attack. Despite it being a suicide mission, Obi-Wan and Tala agree to go.

Upon reaching the Inquisitor stronghold, Obi-Wan and Tala deliver some exposition about how important the mission is. Reva continues interrogating Leia, berating her for information regarding the location of the underground network. Leia asks Reva how Obi-Wan died and the responds claiming that he burned to death.

She continues, pleading to Leia that if she reveals where they are that she will be sent back to her family. Leia holds strong and says she isn’t aware of any path.

Tala arrives at the stronghold in her officer outfit, blending in and allowing her to gain access. Despite being heavily investigated, she is able to reach the control board and open underwater access for Obi-Wan to avoid detection.

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Must stay hidden

Upon entry, Obi-Wan is forced to take out a guard with hand-to-hand combat. Reva attempts to read Leia’s mind but isn’t able to do so, so she tortures Leia’s droid. Obi-Wan is given the location of Leia but must avoid droid detection to reach there. Meanwhile, Tala is again questioned about her identification and authority to be inside the base.

Both Tala and Obi-Wan do what they need to avoid detection. Obi-Wan uses his force powers to mislead the Stormtroopers that are chasing him while Tala chokes her pursuer unconscious.

Reva fails to press Leia for more information, so she goes back to the Empire’s normal plan B: torture, this time via Stormtroopers. She cries out for help, but no one hears her calls.

Obi-Wan stumbles into a hall full of dead, preserved Jedi inside liquid-filled chambers. “This isn’t a fortress, this is a tomb,” Obi-Wan proclaims.

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He’s alive

After Reva gives Leia one last chance to speak up the torture begins as a machine closes in on the young girl’s face. Obi-Wan then hears Leia’s voice calling for help and asks Tala to make a distraction.

The torture is interrupted by an imperial soldier calling for Reva and claiming that it cannot wait. She then enters a room greeted by Tala who claims to have information about the resistance escapees and their network.

Obi-Wan reaches Leia in the chamber taking out the lights before wielding his lightsaber to dismantle the guards. Leia is joyed to see him alive and assures him that she didn’t tell them anything.

Reva senses Tala’s deception pressing her for being a spy. Tala uses quick thinking claiming that she was a spy for the Empire going undercover inside the Resistance. An incident on the ship sees Reva quickly leave to pursue Obi-Wan.

Obi-Wan and Leia are looking for an exit when they are spotted by a droid. This forces Obi-Wan to use his lightsaber once again striking down more Stormtroopers. At this time Tala also takes out Stormtroopers with a blaster and looks for a way to meet up with the others.

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Again, Obi-Wan takes on a wave of Stormtroopers armed with blasters before the window begins to crack seconds away from flooding their location with water. Obi-Wan is able to hold back the water while Tala meets the pair and takes Leia to escape.

Once they are safe Obi-Wan directs the flow of water towards the pursuing Stormtroopers rushing out of the door in time to avoid the room flooding.

The three of them continue their escape this time with Obi-Wan in a disguise and Leia hid under his large coat. As they are about to reach their ship Reva catches them. They are then surrounded by an army of Stormtroopers but quickly saved by resistance ships swooping in and coming to their aid.

One of these ships collects them while the other distracts Reva by firing down at her from above. This second ship doesn’t make it out, being destroyed by Reva.

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Vader finally appears

Following this mishap, Vader boards the Inquisitor stronghold full of rage lifting Reva in the air with his force choke ability. He says she was warned what consequences would come with failure.

She uses her last breath to reveal that she has put a tracker on the ship so that they can take down both Kenobi and the whole network. Vader is pleased with this news but warns Reva there can be no mistakes, the tracker must be with him.

Back on the ship, the resistance mourns the death of their soldier who was piloting the ship that Reva took down. Leia and Obi-Wan share a moment in silence before the camera pans down to her droid which now has a red light emanating from it.

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What’s next?

We know that Vader and the Inquisitors have a way of tracking Leia, and Obi-Wan by proxy, through the droid. So wherever Leia and Obi-Wan run, the Empire should follow. With just two episodes left to air, things are set to ramp up again quickly after what was one of the quieter episodes so far.

You can stream Obi-Wan Kenobi on Disney Plus, with the last two episodes releasing each Wednesday over the next fortnight.

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