Obi-Wan Fans Freaking Out Over The Show Being Indefinitely Delayed

Obi-Wan Kenobi

Something funny is definitely going on behind the scenes of the Obi-Wan Disney Plus show. Though the initial news that Ewan McGregor would be returning to the role was met with a ton of enthusiasm and joy, the past week or so has just brought one concerning report after another.

It all began when news emerged a few days ago that said the series had been outright cancelled. That was later debunked by a separate outlet, but still, whispers continued to circulate that said there was trouble brewing over at Lucasfilm. And sure enough, Collider shed some light on the situation just a few hours ago, telling us all that the Obi-Wan show has been indefinitely delayed, with crew members sent home and Kathleen Kennedy ordering up new scripts, as the current ones weren’t up to par.

Obviously, the fandom isn’t taking this too well, and people have hopped on Twitter to share their reactions. Below, you’ll find just a small sample of what folks are saying, with the general consensus being that many are getting pretty annoyed with Disney and their handling of the Star Wars property at this point.

So, as expected, the fandom is a little worked up here, and honestly, we don’t blame them. But the good news is is that the show is not cancelled and will still go ahead. It’s just unclear when we’ll see it, and it could be a while.

We’re willing to wait though if it means a better end product, as even despite all the criticism thrown towards the Prequel Trilogy, Ewan McGregor’s Obi-Wan was always a highlight of those films and everyone’s beyond eager to see him back in the role again. So, even if it’s going to take a little longer than excepted, just knowing that he’s still set to make a return at some point should be enough to keep folks going.

Unless, of course, Lucasfilm actually does outright cancel the show. Which, quite frankly, wouldn’t surprise us at this point.