Obi-Wan Show Delayed Indefinitely, Crew Sent Home


Hello there! Actually, more like, goodbye there! Tee hee, sorry, I tickle myself sometimes.

Admittedly, I’m trying to keep a stiff upper lip in the face of some less than stellar news featuring one of my more than favorite handsome Jedi pals Obi-Wan Kenobi, as his television series, slated to enter production this year and debut on Disney Plus shortly thereafter, has been delayed indefinitely and the crew has been sent home.

Rumors had started to circulate that the Jedi Knight’s post-Revenge of the Sith exploits may be in jeopardy despite positive news, like Drive screenwriter Hossein Amini penning the script and The Mandalorian‘s Deborah Chow entering the director’s chair, falling into place recently. However, it seems things have now come to a halt, with Collider’s sources saying that it’s all due to Kathleen Kennedy, who’s said to be displeased with the scripts. No timetable has been given for when the show will resume production, either.

This isn’t the first Star Wars project to encounter pre-or-mid production woes, of course. We all know that Rogue One‘s entire third act was reshot and not by the original director, we know that Phil Lord and Christopher Miller were fired from Solo halfway through production, we’ve learned that The Rise of Skywalker was retooled late in the day and that Palpatine wasn’t even supposed to be in it at all.

If nothing else, this recent casualty is just more fuel on the fire of the hatred that many folks have for the House of Mouse ruining their beloved franchise. I myself am more concerned about the literal entertainment monopoly that they’ve now secured for themselves, though. Also Disney Plus, just as a service on a technical level, is so sloppy and poor that it just goes to show you that they rush rush rush everything as quick as they can. They run into problems because of their lack of planning, then they cut and run.

Poor Ewan. Him and Obi-Wan deserve better.