Obi-Wan TV Show Reportedly In Trouble With Drama Between McGregor And Disney


After Solo: A Star Wars Story tanked at the box office and was met with an underwhelming reception from fans, a ton of in-development movies were put on ice over at Lucasfilm, including the much anticipated Obi-Wan Kenobi spinoff. However, given that we all know that striking down the fan favorite hero only makes him more powerful than you can possibly imagine, we all expected him to still return at some point and sure enough, D23 brought the news we’d all been waiting for.

Yes, over the summer, Disney confirmed that Ewan McGregor would indeed reprise his role as Obi-Wan in an upcoming TV series for Disney Plus. And while excitement has been steadily building ever since the official announcement, the Star Wars fanbase was sent into meltdown this week when news emerged that the show had been cancelled.

Turns out those reports were false, but that doesn’t mean the production isn’t still in trouble. According to two trusted sources – Grace Randolph and Scott Wampler – there are indeed problems brewing in the Obi-Wan camp, with behind the scenes drama between McGregor and Disney threatening to derail things.

So, what exactly’s going on here? Well, it’s tough to say right now as Disney is keeping pretty quiet. But rumors have been swirling that point to scheduling conflicts, unimpressive scripts and as Grace mentions, problems with Ewan. Though the exact details of that last issue remain unclear.

Frankly, this is all a bit disheartening to hear about, as hopes are high for the Obi-Wan show after years and years of waiting to see McGregor return to the role. So with any luck, all these troubles will be sorted out soon and things will get back on track. Watch this space for more.