Obi-Wan TV Show Reportedly Still In Danger Of Being Cancelled


It’s been a rollercoaster ride for Star Wars fans trying to keep up with all the news about the Obi-Wan Kenobi TV series over the past few days. First of all, Friday brought a shocking report stating that Lucasfilm had cancelled the much-anticipated return of Ewan McGregor to the franchise. This was soon debunked by a separate outlet, so we thought we could get back to normal. However, a third source has since come forward with new information that points to the show still being at risk.

Beyond The Trailer’s Grace Randolph has shared on Twitter that multiple sources have told her that the Obi-Wan project is being mired by problems behind the scenes, with the star and the studio apparently on opposing sides of some unknown altercation. The alarming thing here is that Randolph reports that, if this disagreement isn’t resolved, then that original story might be right and the series could end up cancelled.

“Okay, I TRIPLE checked it with other sources, #ObiWan show is [100%] having behind the scenes drama between #ewanmcgregor & #Disney,” Randolph wrote. “At the moment the show is NOT canceled, but insiders say that’s still something that could happen if this drama is not resolved.#StarWars.”

All these reports have got fans scratching their heads over what could’ve gone wrong. After all, Disney Plus just nailed it with the first season of The Mandalorian. Still, it’s worth remembering that Jon Favreau’s show was a bit of an outlier in the Disney era of Star Wars, where nearly all of its movies have faced some kind of upheaval somewhere along the way. And remember, an Obi-Wan vehicle has been stuck in development hell for years, with it originally due to be an Anthology film.

Naturally, we all hope that McGregor and Disney will be able to put this supposed “drama” – presumably it’s something to do with the creative direction of the piece – behind them and make the Obi-Wan Kenobi show that we all want to see. As things stand, it’s due to go into production this July, so we should get a definitive answer on what’s happening with it sooner rather than later.