One of the best sci-fi shows ever is back for a final season

the expanse season 6

Given the critical acclaim that’s been constantly showered on the series, never mind the fact it regularly finds itself in the upper echelons of countless ‘Best Of’ lists, it’s amazing to think that Syfy binned The Expanse after the network’s three-season deal on the property expired.

Since migrating to streaming, the fourth and fifth runs both accrued a perfect 100% score on Rotten Tomatoes, with subscribers becoming increasingly hooked on the intergalactic political machinations and the various warring factions battling for control of the galaxy.

the expanse season 6

The Expanse has come in for seriously high praise for its visuals, long-form storytelling and intricately plotted narrative, one that never plays its hand too early, but still manages to deliver spectacle on a massive scale. It’s only been nine months since the Season 5 finale, but fans are still over the moon that the crew of the Rocinante are back on our screens.

Of course, it’s tinged with the bittersweet realization that The Expanse is racing towards the finish line, but with so many pieces still left on the board and countless threads dangling and desperately seeking a conclusion, you can bet that the creative team will be pulling out all of the stops to ensure the show goes out in suitably spectacular fashion.