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One of the greatest TV shows of all-time migrates to Netflix and instantly launches a direct assault on the Top 10

It hasn't lost a shred of its appeal, or impact.

band of brothers
Image via HBO

Having found itself strapped for cash even before the strikes ground everything to a standstill, HBO made the unprecedented move of reaching a licensing agreement with Netflix that would see some of its biggest, best, and brightest shows make the jump to a rival streaming service.

Needless to say, the latter has already been reaping huge rewards after Dwayne Johnson’s Ballers ended up as one of the most-watched episodic projects across all of the on-demand circuit, and it’s not a surprise in the slightest to discover that lightning has struck for second time with Band of Brothers.

band of brothers
Image via HBO

Quite simply one of the greatest small screen productions that’s ever been made, the epic World War II drama has lost none of its visceral impact or dramatic tension in the 22 years since it first premiered, where it would win rave reviews from all comers before going on to scoop seven Primetime Emmy awards and a Golden Globe for Best Miniseries or Television Film.

Put in the broadest of terms, it fully deserves its place among the conversation whenever chatter turns to the all-time great series to have graced the Golden Age of televised storytelling, and Netflix subscribers have been devouring its 10 sweeping chapters ever since it launched a direct assault on the content library this past Friday.

Per FlixPatrol, Band of Brothers debuted as the sixth most-watched show among users in the United States, and finds itself on the cusp of the global Top 10 already having instantly cemented itself as one of the biggest hits in every single country it was made available.

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