One of the MCU’s most hated stars could be eying the MonsterVerse

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via Legendary

Wyatt Russell doesn’t have any sort of presence on social media, which is just as well when the actor did his job as The Falcon and the Winter Soldier‘s John Walker a little too well. Fans absolutely hated the man hand-picked by the government to become the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s new Captain America, to the extent that death threats ended up being sent to a fan account as a result.

The final episode indicated that Walker has a future in the franchise, but a new report claims that he could be set for another multi-billion dollar franchise. As per The Illuminerdi, Russell is being eyed for a role in Monarch, the MonsterVerse TV series that Apple scooped from right under the noses of Warner Bros. in a coup that caught everyone by surprise.

While there’s no official word or anything close to a confirmation as of yet, the outlet has a decent enough track record when it comes to revealing casting information ahead of time, having dished incredibly specific details on Disney Plus’ National Treasure long before any of the information was made available publicly.

Not only that, but there’s even chatter that Wyatt could end up co-starring with his old man, to a certain extent at least. Purported character details list two versions of the same person known as Old Lee Shaw and Young Lee Shaw as playing a major part in the show, which is presumably where the Russells would factor in.

As always, we’ll need to wait on Legendary and/or Apple to reveal the details before we take it at face value, but a generational saga featuring the Russell clan would be a strong selling point for Monarch.