Original Transformers Animated Show Now Streaming For Free


It would be an understatement to say that we’ve seen many iterations of the Transformers franchise over the years, ranging from the original animated show that premiered in September 1984 to Steven Caple Jr.’s mega budget live-action blockbuster Rise of the Beasts, which is set to hit theaters next summer.

Between those two points the brand has experienced many highs and lows, whether it be through episodic efforts, feature length outings, video games or anything and everything in between. This year marks the 35th anniversary of The Transformers: The Movie, and to celebrate the milestone, the entire run of the animated show is set to stream for free.

On the Hasbro Pulse YouTube channel, Season 1 is now available to watch, with the second and third runs arriving over the next few weeks. The movie used the events of the show as a jumping off point for a story that reinvented the mythology through some notable deaths and resurrections, while The Transformers: The Movie is also returning to cinemas later this month to complement the recent 4K UHD home video remaster.

It still remains one of the best and most popular Transformers projects ever, so Hasbro’s YouTube channel could be in for some serious traffic. Not only will it draw in those looking to bathe in the warm, fuzzy glow of nostalgia and relive their childhoods, but younger fans who got hooked on something like Netflix’s War for Cybertron trilogy may also be tempted to see where it all began.