Here’s How Parks And Rec Star Nick Offerman Could Look As MCU’s MODOK


One iconic Marvel comic book supervillain who’s yet to make it into the MCU is the one and only MODOK. It feels like the Mental/Mechanized Organism Designed Only for Killing’s time in the light is about to happen, though. Probably all it needs is for Marvel to find the right actor to bring such a weird character to life, and this new fan art offers a slightly tongue-in-cheek suggestion.

BossLogic’s latest piece imagines Parks & Recreation star Nick Offerman as MODOK in the MCU. Hilariously, the artist has taken Offerman in character as grumpy Parks department head (literally, in this case) Ron Swanson and stuck him inside MODOK’s suit, as you can see below.

Funnily enough, another Parks and Rec star actually is about to play MODOK. Patton Oswalt – who guest starred in an episode of the NBC sitcom – is voicing the villain in a Robot Chicken-style stop-motion animated sitcom based around the character’s home life with his wife and kids (including his son Lou, played by another Parks alum, Ben Schwartz). MODOK is coming to Hulu in early 2021 and the show’s official Twitter account even replied to BL’s artwork.

The incoming series focuses on how MODOK is often treated as a bit of a joke nowadays due to his bizarre appearance. This means that he might feasibly be portrayed as a comedic character if he ever appeared in the MCU. So, Offerman could be a great choice for the role.

According to what we’ve heard recently, MODOK might be making his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe very soon, in fact. But who would you like to see play him? Leave your personal pick in the comments section below.