MCU Fans Freaking Out After Paul Bettany Confirms Vision Has A Purple Penis


Marvel Cinematic Universe fans have been desperately starved of content for eighteen months now, with 2020 the first year in a decade that the world’s biggest and most popular franchise hasn’t released a new movie. At this stage, then, the fanbase will take any fresh information they can get, and luckily, Paul Bettany has saved the day by revealing some brand new details about Vision’s junk.

That’s right, the WandaVision star has gone on record and technically made these revelations about the synthezoid’s penis canonical, after being asked whether or not the character even had any genitals. Bettany didn’t just give a rock hard answer, he dropped an entire load of information about how Vision could use his superpowers to his advantage in the bedroom.

“He’s purple,” the actor said when asked what color the character’s penis is. “Vision can change his density, [too] so there’s that.”

Unsurprisingly, social media went nuts at the news that the hero can do pretty much whatever he wanted with his beetroot nether regions, and you can check out just some of the reactions going around on Twitter below.

Touch wood that WandaVision manages to live up to the potential of the trailers, which promise a mind and reality-bending adventure the likes of which the MCU has never seen before. As a staunchly PG-13 rated enterprise, fans shouldn’t get their hopes up about seeing if Bettany’s claims are true, but the six-episode series will nonetheless be looking to erect solid foundations for the franchise’s Phase Four.

Tell us, though, are you excited for the first piece of new content from the Marvel Cinematic Universe in ages, or do you not feel the hype yet? As always, let us know down below.