‘Peacemaker’ fans overjoyed as major character is confirmed to be bisexual

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Warning: This article contains major spoilers for Peacemaker episode seven.

The penultimate episode of DC’s Peacemaker premiered on HBO Max today, and as well as ramping up the drama in time for its finale, it also subtly dropped a major revelation about one of its main characters. The series has been upfront with its LGBTQ representation from the beginning, what with Leota Adebayo (Danielle Brooks) being depicted as a married lesbian, but its latest chapter confirmed that another member of Team Peacemaker is bisexual.

Spoilers for Peacemaker episode seven follow

And it’s Peacemaker himself. In episode 1×07 “Stop Dragon My Heart Around”, John Cena’s Chris Smith and his racist supervillain father Auggie/White Dragon (Robert Patrick) finally come to blows. At one point, Auggie seems to have won and has his son pinned to the ground. In front of his followers, he lists the times he knew Chris was a disappointment to him. “I knew when you slept with the whores of polluted blood,” says the White Dragon. “And men!”

While it’s about as far from an uplifting coming-out moment as you can get, DC fans have reacted positively to the revelation that Peacemaker is bi, with social media flooded with excited responses to the development.

Even people who don’t watch it are pleased.

One fan raised a very good point. This line of dialogue makes Peacemaker the only openly bisexual male character in the DCEU to date.

Smith goes on to defeat his father in combat and, much to his distress, executes him with a bullet to the head. With the race to stop the alien butterflies still on, he doesn’t get much time to come to terms with committing patricide in the rest of the episode, let alone unpacking what Auggie alluded to about his sexuality. But it’s possible there will be further exploration of this in the finale. If not, there’s always season two, which is looking likely.

Peacemaker concludes next Thursday on HBO Max.

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