‘Peacemaker’ will launch with new companion podcast


HBO Max’s latest DC series Peacemaker is set to premiere this week, but that won’t be the only content fans are getting. If you’ve been waiting for a closer look at the character — even further than the show, Rooster Teeth have you covered with an official Peacemaker companion podcast set to accompany the series.

Hosted by Ify Nwadiwe and Fiona Nova, the first episode of the Peacemaker podcast will be coming via Podly on Jan. 13 and it will include a very special guest, director of Peacemaker James Gunn.

The show will be an aftershow-styled listen where hosts and guests will discuss the events of the episode. Following the podcast’s announcement, Gunn revealed that each episode will boast a different guest from the Peacemaker show.

Along with standard audio podcast services, you can catch a video version of the Peacemaker Podcast on HBO Max right after each episode.

Podly is a key part of WarnerMedia’s plan to expand its libraries of podcasting content. You’ll be able to stream the Peacemaker podcast on your usual streaming services including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.

Peacemaker is set to premiere on HBO Max on Jan. 13. The eight-part series is a spinoff of the 2021 DC movie The Suicide Squad that follows one of its most beloved characters Peacemaker. Each of the eight episodes will have its own accompanied podcast so make sure once you’re finished watching it for yourself you tune in to hear some more discussion on the show.