Penguin And Riddler Wear Their Classic Costumes In Gotham Season 5 Photos


Gotham is coming to an end with its upcoming fifth season and it’s been confirmed that the series finale will deliver practically everything that fans have been waiting to see for the past half a decade. With the aid of a ten year time jump, the final outing will bring the characters of the prequel show up to date with how they usually appear in the Batman mythos.

With filming on the last episode now underway, snaps from the set have given us a glimpse of two of the series’ villains in costumes that should bring a smile to any Bat-fan’s face. The range of images seen below show Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith) and Oswald Cobblepot (Robin Lord Taylor) in their classic comic book outfits, and they both look great.

As you can see, by the finale, Nygma will have upgraded from his green suits and bowler hat and will have properly become the Riddler, with question marks covering his clothes and a spiffy pair of sunglasses to boot. Meanwhile, Cobblepot is definitely the Penguin now, as he’s wearing a theatrical purple suit, top hat and monocle.

We can even work out what’s going on in this scene from the set pics. By the looks of things, Riddler and Penguin are involved in some criminal activity out on Gotham’s streets and they end up getting strewn up to a lamppost. What’s the betting that the Dark Knight himself was responsible for that, no doubt leaving them at Commissioner Gordon’s mercy?

Yes, we’re definitely getting Batman as well in the finale. Showrunner John Stephens has been very open about promising this to fans and has even given us a hint at what sort of suit the vigilante will wear in the episode. Apparently, we can expect a Dark Knight Rises-style number.

Gotham season 5 – subtitled “Legend of the Dark Knight” – runs for 12 installments and kicks off on FOX from January 3rd.