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People suddenly care about ‘Aquaman: King of Atlantis’ now it’s leaving HBO Max

It's been crickets until now.

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The HBO Max purge continues. In the wake of the news that Warner Bros. Discovery is set to merge the streaming service with Discovery Plus, the studio has been culling its original content from the site like Ben Affleck’s Batman mowing down criminals in his Batmobile. And, just because WB apparently has it in for DC fans, among the latest casualties is animated miniseries Aquaman: King of Atlantis.

The three-part series, which comes together to form a feature-length 2 hours, 18 minute runtime, features the voices of Cooper Andrews, Gillian Jacobs, and Thomas Lennon and offers a much more wacky, goofball take on Arthur Curry and his underwater world than the Jason Momoa movies. Despite James Wan producing it, its unique style seemed to put a lot of people off when it dropped last October, but now that they don’t have the option to watch it anymore, suddenly folks have an interest in it.

Time is running out, people.

Oh, sure, kick those nine people while they’re down.

Those who have watched it can’t praise it enough.

“One of the best shows of last year.”

Animation fans need to support this show.

And Gillian Jacobs lovers, get on it now.

A reminder that streaming may be more convenient but physical media is forever.

It took it being removed for people to realize it was already out in the first place.

It is a little ironic that Aquaman: King of Atlantis is now being championed like this when the entire DC fandom’s been sleeping on it for the past year, but it’s better late than never, I guess. While it failed to ignite the same kind of interest as Harley Quinn, the cartoon was still a inventive, fresh take on a familiar hero that deserved more eyeballs. Except now it looks destined to sink without a trace. Again, though, if you want to own it yourself, it is available on disc.

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