Percy Jackson Fans Campaign For Logan Lerman To Play Poseidon In Disney Plus Show

Percy Jackson
Image via 1492 Pictures

Fans of the Percy Jackson series got the first major update from the upcoming Disney Plus show in months recently, and it was a big one. Author Rick Riordan took to social media and revealed that the casting process is underway for the title character, which would indicate that pre-production is ramping up significantly. That sticks to the timeline we’ve been hearing since the project was first announced that cameras would be rolling before the end of this year, with the first of what the Mouse House are hoping will be many seasons premiering in 2022.

Based on The Mandalorian, WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Percy Jackson is set to have a serious budget to play with in order to bring the expansive mythology of the literary series to life, and the studio is said to have high hopes that it can become one of its biggest in-house originals, because it’s not as if Disney Plus can rely on Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe to power the platform’s lineup forever.

After news of the casting search broke, fans were quick to hop onto Twitter and offer up another suggestion. Yes, as you can see below, there’s already a groundswell of support gathering behind original star Logan Lerman returning to play Poseidon in Disney’s Percy Jackson.

Percy Jackson

The 29 year-old previously admitted that he’d be open to a cameo in the small screen Percy Jackson, and the Poseidon rumors are nothing new. However, it could be a little too meta to have the big screen hero show up as a different character in the episodic reboot, especially when Riordan hasn’t been shy in letting his disdain for the two feature-length adaptations be known.