Peter Capaldi Doesn’t Understand Female Doctor “Controversy”


Though Steven Moffat quite rightly claimed that most fans are overjoyed with the news that Jodie Whittaker is to be the next Doctor, it’s true that some vocal critics are not on board with the decision to make the Time Lord a woman for the first time in Doctor Who‘s history. Someone who is totally behind the casting, though, is Whittaker’s predecessor.

Chatting to Digital Spy, current Doctor Peter Capaldi admitted that he just doesn’t “get” why some people are making such a big deal out of it, as he’s very excited by the decision.

“I just think it’s a brilliant idea and it propels the show forward, and how interesting, what fun! I sort of don’t get the idea that there’s any controversy over it, I just don’t really get it. I just think, ‘It’s a new Doctor Who!’ and that’s really exciting. It’s a new person playing Doctor Who and they’ll bring their whole new thing to it and that’s always exciting.”

Hear hear! This isn’t the first time that Capaldi has expressed his support for Whittaker in the role, as he previously talked about how he thinks she’ll be “fantastic” and also revealed that he’s given her a short piece of advice about playing the Doctor.

As you surely know, the Broadchurch star will take over from Capaldi in this year’s Christmas special, titled “Twice Upon A Time.” We could explain what the episode will entail, but Moffat’s already got you covered, as the showrunner had this to say to Digital Spy about it:

“It’s the 12th Doctor saying to Number One, ‘Listen, you have to [change] or all of this stuff won’t happen!’ and the 1st Doctor saying, ‘Well, what about you?’ – they go off on a crazy adventure with Mark Gatiss and Bill Potts and decide whether or not they’re going to carry on… which of course, they are!”

Guest starring David Bradley, Pearl Mackie and Mark Gatiss, Doctor Who returns on Christmas Day.

Source: Digital Spy