Petition To Rehire Gina Carano For The Mandalorian Hits 50K Signatures

Gina Carano

The Mandalorian fans recently launched a petition asking the House of Mouse to rehire Gina Carano and it’s slowly picking up speed amongst the online community.

While a lot of people in the Star Wars fandom had been campaigning for a while to see Carano fired from Jon Favreau’s series because of her activism, the announcement still came as a shock, sparking outrage from her supporters and political figures. After all, there’s no denying that the performer has been a vocal advocate of far-right values for a long time, though her misleading comments about the COVID-19 pandemic, social distancing laws, and the 2020 presidential election results also contributed to the whirlpool of scandal that surrounded the actress over the past few months.

Through it all, it seemed as if Disney was practicing a policy of restraint, even when Carano expressed sympathy for the rioters who stormed the U.S. Capitol on January 6th. But her latest tweet that compared the current state of Republicans to Jews living in the Holocaust was the final straw.

As you’d imagine, the decision to dismiss her isn’t sitting well with a lot of folks, most of whom believe that an actor’s political activism shouldn’t have anything to do with their career. Besides, many Mandalorian fans don’t want to have to say goodbye to Cara Dune just yet. To that end, the petition to have Disney rehire the actress is gaining momentum and has now hit 50K signatures in less than a week.

Of course, history has proven time and again that these appeals will be of little consequence at the end of the day. Though if you still feel like supporting The Mandalorian star, be sure to visit and sign the petition.