New Poster For Minority Report Series Remembers The Past



Fox has today unveiled a rather nostalgic poster for its upcoming Minority Report TV series, which simultaneously introduces the show’s leading players while also remembering its storied history.

Based loosely on the eponymous Phillip K. Dick novel and Stephen Spielberg’s 2002 actioner, the network’s adaptation is situated in Washington D.C in the year 2065. Now that the Pre-Crime Unit has been effectively dismantled, this new take on the futuristic formula will follow a trio of precognitives: Dash, Arthur and Agatha. Better known as Pre-Cogs, these highly-trained enforcers soon find their powers put to question as the government continues to evolve technology. This is a future where human instincts are no longer the sharpest tool at the agency’s disposal.

Now fully grown up, the three Pre-Cogs will face new threats as they continue to peer into a future that they must prevent. In doing so, the team assist detectives to clean up the streets of DC, and you get a look at the show’s biggest and most important players in the new poster below.

Fox will bring its Minority Report series to the small-screen when the show makes its premiere on September 21. In the meantime, you can check out the aforementioned poster and how it compares to the Tom Cruise-fronted original in the gallery.

Set in 2065 Washington, D.C., (fifteen years after the events of the 2002 film), the series will follow Dash, a Precog, who has the ability to predict crimes. Unfortunately, the Pre-Crime Unit was dismantled in 2050, forcing law enforcement to rely on newer methods to fight crime. Before it was dismantled, Dash, his twin brother Arthur and their foster sister Agatha were part of the program that gave them their unique gifts. Now, Dash is using his ability to assist Detective Lara Vega in preventing crimes, at the same time seeking out his missing twin and trying to keep his gift from being revealed, as there are those who want to obtain the precogs at any cost.

Source: Variety

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