Power Rangers Actress Sarah Grey Will Play Stargirl In Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2


During this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, The CW Revealed that Stargirl, Dr. Mid-Nite, and Obsidian would be among the members of the Justice Society of America we’ll meet in the upcoming second season of Legends of Tomorrow, and while the latter two have yet to be cast, we now know who will play Courtney Whitmore.

That will be Sarah Grey. The relatively unknown actress has appeared in the likes of iZombie, Lucifer and Wayward Pines, but this will be her biggest role to date by far (she will also be seen in next year’s Power Rangers reboot).


Stargirl is the youngest member of this iconic superhero team, and the hero wields Starman’s cosmic staff and wears the Cosmic Converter Belt which offers her enhanced agility and strength among other abilities. Legends of Tomorrow won’t mark her live-action debut though, as Britt Irvin played the character in several episodes of Smallville.

Recent comic book versions of Stargirl have seen her inherit that mantle in the present day, but Legends of Tomorrow star Brandon Routh recently revealed that this version of the JSA will hail from the 1940s, something which actually ties into their comic book history (they were introduced in the pages of 1940’s All Star Comics #3).

If nothing else, it should be interesting to see what sort of impact that has on the character when Legends of Tomorrow returns to The CW this Fall.

Source: IGN