New Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Images Reveal Closer Look At Leon Kennedy

resident evil infinite darkness

Fans of Capcom’s acclaimed survival horror series will have to wait a little longer until it returns to the big screen later this year. But in the meantime, Netflix has its own contribution to make in the form of Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness. Announced last year alongside several other multimedia projects in celebration of the franchise’s 25th anniversary, this summer’s animated affair sees the return of long-running protagonists Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield as they once again team up to combat a new threat.

Together for the first time since the events of Raccoon City as seen in Resident Evil 2, the pair are put to work on investigating a hacking incident originating from the White House. Still a government agent following his encounter with the Los Illuminados in RE4, Leon’s past comes back to haunt him when the cyberattack coincides with the reappearance of zombies in the US president’s home.

No further context is provided for today’s new info drop, though if one had to guess, we imagine, judging by the facial expressions, that these new images (above) depicting an older, more seasoned agent aren’t preceding a carefree day at the office.

How exactly the White House attack has any connection to Claire’s own overseas investigation remains to be seen, of course, though folks won’t have to wait long for an answer. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is scheduled to start streaming on Netflix from July 8th. This will be followed later in the year (or potentially even 2022) by a live-action show starring Lance Reddick as villain Albert Wesker. Head here for all the latest news on that front.