The Best New TV Shows To Watch On Netflix This Weekend


There’s been a few surprises in terms of what’s been popular on Netflix during the lockdown, including some movies that have less-than-stellar reputations. The streaming giant continues to dominate home viewing habits, however, and this week has added a number of new series to give us more ways to fill our time. Several of the best programs to start watching, or catch up on, have now been rounded up by What’s On Netflix though, and we’ll dive into them all below.

Ideal if you want to binge one of the longest-running comfort television series out there, Netflix now has sixteen seasons of Grey’s Anatomy available to watch. You can catch up with 363 episodes of the hospital drama, which recently wrapped season 16. The ABC show has been on the air since 2005, and has provided us with plenty of episodic cases and a diverse cast of characters over its fifteen-year run. While it may be something of a daunting challenge to watch every episode, now is probably the best time to do so.

In terms of Netflix originals, the second season of Dead to Me is currently available, with the comedic drama having built a strong reputation in its first year. Linda Cardellini and Christina Applegate star as Judy and Jen, a couple of widows who befriend one another over therapy. However, Judy has a secret that underpins Dead to Me‘s mystery, and when combined with a blackly comic tone, makes the show one of Netflix’s best to catch up on.


Similarly returning for a second year is the rebooted Charmed, which has already aired on The CW. The second season, which saw a new showrunner team take over the production, is reportedly an improvement over the first, and focuses on a group of sisters who bond together to fight evil and learn about their powers. Another female-forward series, the Canadian comedy Workin’ Moms is also back on Netflix for a fourth season.

On a different note, the docuseries WWII: Lost Films is now part of the Netflix catalogue, and provides new perspectives on the war in the week of VE Day through unseen material from the conflict. If nothing here takes your interest, then Netflix have also recently added some other new movies and series, and are gearing up for a busy June with a large collection of new licensed and original titles, too.