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‘Rings of Power’ fans ready and willing to fall in love with another elf/dwarf combo

Legolas and Gimli could have some competition.

Elrond and Durin look conspiratorially at one another
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The Lord of the Rings gave people one of the greatest bromances in literature and movie history, that of the elf Legolas and dwarf Gimli. The two went from grudgingly agreeing to work together to trusting one another with their lives, with their friendship surviving long after their mission was over. Now, in Amazon’s The Rings of Power, fans have been given yet another elf/dwarf friendship to be happy about in the form of Lord Elrond and Prince Durin IV.

Historically in Middle-earth, the discord between the races actually goes all the way back to their creation. Dwarves were created by the Valar known as Aulë the Smith, but because Aulë created them without the permission of the mighty God, Eru Illúvatar, and before the birth of the elves, Aulë was forced to put the dwarves to sleep until the elves had arrived.

This dynamic was always bound to cause friction, with the elves often portrayed as the superior race because of their own origins. Of course, there were conflicts over time between the two races that built up animosity over the years, but there are some that managed to escape the cycle and form close bonds.

Legolas (Orlando Bloom) and Gimli’s (John Rhys-Davies) friendship formed out of their need to work together to protect Frodo and the One Ring as they sought to destroy it in the flames of Mount Doom, with the two constantly competing for superiority, but evolved into something much more. The two became so close that after the Ring was destroyed they explored Middle-earth together, and when Legolas departed to The Undying Lands he brought along Gimli, who became the first dwarf to ever step foot on the sacred land.

In The Rings of Power, we have a new elf/dwarf friendship in the form of a young Elrond (Robert Aramayo) and, younger by some centuries, Durin IV (Owain Arthur). Their chemistry on the show is heartwarming to watch, with Elrond placing his promise to his friend above even his King. The two have a wonderful dynamic, though different from Legolas and Gimli’s playful insults, Elrond is smoothness personified with his friend using flattery and charm when needed but being open and honest when necessary.

Now fans of the series are praising the pairing, claiming that their scenes are some of the best in the show.

This Reddit user has found the pair’s relationship to be “heartwarming.”

Many have praised both actors on their performances and the chemistry they share onscreen.

A lot are invested in the friendship, even if darkness is on the way.

Finally, a show where people don’t lie behind one another’s backs and simply sit down and have a conversation like good friends should!

Elrond really knows how to butter up his friend.

With all the high flying drama to be found in the series, its this pairs down to earth friendship that has people hooked.

In fact, they could be the entire show and fans would be happy.

Moving forward we know that the elves and dwarves work very closely together and perhaps we will get another close elf/dwarf friendship, that of the elven smith Celebrimbor (Charles Edwards) and Narvi, the dwarven craftsman. For now we have Elrond and Durin still as they work together the save the elven race.

The next episode of The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power airs on September 30 on Amazon Prime.

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