How Robert Downey Jr. Will Return To The MCU Reportedly Revealed

Iron Man

Robert Downey Jr. came right out and said he’s done everything that he can with the character of Iron Man, and the fact his management team have unfollowed his former Marvel Cinematic Universe cohorts on social media would indicate that the actor, producer, activist and investor is keen to put his superhero days behind him. However, a new rumor is once again linking him with a cameo appearance in Ironheart.

There’s no doubt that the fingerprints of Tony Stark are going to be all over the Disney Plus series starring Dominique Thorne as fan favorite Riri Williams, not least of all because she’s a genius who develops her own advanced high tech suit inspired by Stark Industries’ most famous creation. We already know Tony’s shadow will loom large over Don Cheadle’s solo show Armor Wars, so it stands to reason the same will be true of Ironheart.

The latest rumor touts RDJ as wanting to return as the voice of Riri’s artificial intelligence, but his financial demands are reportedly a stumbling block. The latest slice of speculation comes from purported “trusted and proven” sources, but it can hardly be deemed an “exclusive” if the information has yet to be corroborated by either the man himself or Marvel Studios.

It’s also not the first, second, third, fourth, fifth, sixth or even seventh time we’ve heard this exact same information disseminated in various forms, dating back to well before Ironheart was officially announced as an in-development Disney Plus project. As always, then, it’s best to wait on some concrete facts being made available before getting too hyped over the prospect of Robert Downey Jr. making a comeback, as much as we’d love to see it happen.