Mr. Robot Season 2 Will Explore More Backstory, Says Series Creator



To say that Sam Esmail’s button-pressing cyber drama Mr. Robot came out of nowhere, only to blow up and find itself smack back in the middle of TV’s pantheon, may be something of an understatement. But while series creator Sam Esmail acknowledged the huge support that the show has gained in such a short space of time, he assured fans that the creative team aren’t prepared to rest on their laurels.

While in attendance at the Television Critics Association, Golden Globe for Best Drama series in the bag, Esmail offered up new details ahead of Mr. Robot‘s sophomore outing. Don’t expect the story strand to suddenly tie together, though the writer did hint that we can expect to learn more about the backstory underpinning Elliot’s journey.

“We try to keep that out of the room because at the end of the day its about telling this story and that’s where our hearts are. I will say that in season two, there will be a lot more backstory that will be shown. Yes, the timeline is going to get a little bit clearer. Not 100 percent because what’s the fun in that, but a little bit clearer.”

Returning in the lead role as the brilliant but troubled Elliot is breakout star Rami Malek. Bracing himself for a much tougher season – physically and mentally – the actor added to Esmail’s comments with a quote that may be considered spoiler-sensitive: “For me, the headline for season two is how do these two guys reconcile? How does Elliot reconcile the fact that he’s seeing this fantasy? That’s the struggle that’s going to kind of takeover in season two.”

Mr. Robot season 2 looks set to venture into some interesting and possibly psychedelic territory when it premieres in the summer. USA Network is still to lock down an official return date, though we’ll be sure to let you know once more information is made available.

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