Rumored Batman: Arkham Knight HBO Max Show Will Be R-Rated

Batman v Superman

It seems that Warner Bros. and AT&T are still keen to work with Ben Affleck’s Batman in some capacity, with the most recent talk being that there will be a limited series based on Arkham Knight for HBO Max. According to Geekosity, this story would take place within the SnyderVerse, and the latest update is that it will be an R-rated spin on the Dark Knight, in keeping with the more horrific aspects of Arkham Asylum.

The Affleck-starring show is believed to be a new version of the Arkham-set solo movie that he wanted to develop with Geoff Johns, which would have taken its cues from Grant Morrison’s Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth and the Rocksteady Arkham video games. If made, this program is expected to explore the darker side of the character, including Bruce Wayne’s psyche, and will include more mature content than a theatrical film could.

Of course, Affleck has been linked to many different Batman projects over the last few years, and there’ve been multiple rumors of him appearing in productions for HBO Max, all of which have so far not been confirmed as going forward. What we do know is that the 48-year-old will be returning for next year’s The Flash, marking a record fourth outing for the actor as the big screen hero.

While it’s a good idea to be cautious about future Batman releases, this Arkham Knight-inspired pitch does have the benefit of being similar to the feature that Affleck’s been involved with for some time. Indeed, Morrison’s graphic novel is one of the greatest DC books not to get an adaptation, despite influencing the Arkham games and as a result, we could see this series actually becoming a reality one day.