Rumored Darth Maul Solo Series Has Star Wars Fans Excited


There are already over a dozen live-action and animated Star Wars projects in development for Disney Plus, but another one was added to the hypothetical slate when rumors began sweeping the internet that an animated series focusing on Darth Maul and the Crimson Dawn was in the works.

As per the initial report, the show would pick up directly after the events of Solo and bring back Paul Bettany to lend his vocal talents to Dryden Vos, with The Clone Wars alumni Sam Witwer, Matt Lanter and Dee Bradley Baker touted to reprise their roles from the animated Star Wars universe.

It hasn’t been confirmed as of yet, although that may yet change when Disney Plus Day rolls around next Friday. The lack of concrete details hasn’t stopped supporters of a galaxy far, far away getting excited over the mere prospect, though, as you can see from the reactions below.

An update claimed that the Darth Maul series originated as a live-action endeavor, before the controversies surrounding actor Ray Park put paid to that notion. As far as we can tell it’s an entirely speculative episodic adventure for now, but it’s hardly out of the question to imagine Disney and Lucasfilm continuing the animated mythos using an iconic Sith and a cult favorite feature film as the narrative jumping-off point.