‘The Sandman’ star addresses chances of season 2 reincarnation

Tom Sturridge as Dream in 'The Sandman'
Image via Netflix

Last month, Netflix renewed The Sandman for a second season. The series based off of the acclaimed comic had an equally acclaimed initial episode order, featured a nasty baddie with Boyd Holbrook’s the Corinthian, and, now, he’s addressed the future.

The 41-year-old makes comments about his character and whether there is a second act for it in a new article published by Inverse. Essentially, though the character is gone for now, this is not a guarantee it will stay this way and source material provides for more.

“I had a conversation this morning, actually. If you enjoyed the Corinthian in Season 1, in Season 2 he could come back and reincarnate. There are comics out there that have had that. And there’s actually an entirely new comic. So [Gaiman] is really opening up in the world. With timelines … you could [cover the time] before the Corinthian was made a Nightmare.”

In other parts of the interview the Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny star also says he enjoys playing supporting roles to a lead character. Holbrook adds it is also a lot of fun to take a bad character and get audiences to empathize with them and it pays well. Particularly with his role, he feels sympathy and his motivation is quite simple and thus can lead to audiences caring much more.

“I absolutely do. That’s the really good payoff: if you can get people to still question a character’s humanity after they’ve just been a complete bastard. I love it a lot because it’s just like how much can you put yourself into really believing that the people’s eyes you’re eating could actually fill you up with life? I love daydreaming and going into that space.”

The Sandman’s second season does not have a release date at this time. Its first features 11 episodes and creator Neil Gaiman has revealed he wanted to bring more of the original art style from the books to the piece, but could not due to live-action’s nature. As well, while one actor on the show landed their part due to reaching out to Gaiman himself on Twitter, this will not happen for the second season. Instead, all casting will go through proper channels and only those chosen will be considered by the story’s creator.