HBO Releases The Official Trailer For Game Of Thrones’ Season Two

HBO has released the trailer for the second season of Game Of Thrones and the excitement is palpable. Arguably the most anticipated return to HBO programming, season two will follow George R.R. Martins’ 2nd volume in the series “A Clash Of Kings” picking up immediately after the final scene from the first season.

Little new footage is shown, but those who have read ahead in the books will be able to put together a few spine-chilling clues on what to expect. Stannis Baratheon, one of Robert’s two brothers, leads the narration setting the stage for the civil war we can expect throughout the next season. While it is impossible for me to break it down without spoiling anything, subtle hints at what’s in store are laced into the video. I encourage you to check it out and pay close attention. If the war horn doesn’t give you chills now, I can promise it will later.

From a technical perspective, the real challenge of Game Of Thrones will be seeing if the casual viewer will be able to keep up with massive universe. With a plethora of storylines intertwining through different locations and focused on different characters on top of a fantasy world, it can be a daunting task to keep everyone in the loop entirely, however if the first season was any indication, I have no doubt that HBO will be able to accomplish this with ease.

Game Of Thrones Season 2 will premier in April 2012 on HBO.

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