Everything We Know About Season 2 Of Netflix’s Wu Assassins

Wu Assassins

Netflix have been making serious gains when it comes to fantasy-orientated TV in recent months, with The Witcher becoming one of the most popular shows on the planet that dominated the cultural conversation, while Cursed and Warrior Nun both generated plenty of buzz when they arrived and were binged by subscribers in short order, with the latter recently being renewed for a second season.

However, from a sheer entertainment perspective, Netflix’s best fantasy series is arguably the criminally-underrated Wu Assassins. The ten-episode first run didn’t seem to grab a lot of headlines when it was quietly released last summer, but the insane concept and endearingly messy blend of martial arts action and supernatural elements has seen it become a firm cult favorite.

A show about a San Francisco chef who also happens to be deadly in hand-to-hand combat that has to save the world by using mystical powers to fight off the threat of immortal businessmen, inter-dimensional enemies that control the elements, Triad leaders and corrupt cops sounds completely ridiculous, and it most definitely is, but that’s the entire appeal of Wu Assassins in a nutshell.

The show has reportedly been renewed for a second season, which looks set to pick up right where the first left off by heading straight for the aisle marked ‘insane’, with Tommy Flanagan’s evil Scottish crime lord traveling back in time, which has the potential to dramatically alter the past, present and future and disrupt the entire space-time continuum.

Having mostly survived the events of the first season, the vast majority of the core cast are expected to return as well to lend capable support to Iko Uwais’ Kai Jin, and there will no doubt be some new additions added into the mix, too. Given the continued effects of the Coronavirus pandemic, there’s no sign of Wu Assassins heading back into production anytime soon, but if it manages to get in front of cameras before the end of the year, we could realistically be seeing it at some point in 2021. Watch this space for more.