Netflix Has Reportedly Renewed A Fan Favorite Show For Season 2

Wu Assassins

The Witcher, Warrior Nun and Cursed may have generated plenty of buzz as Netflix looked to assert their dominance over the fantasy genre and fill the Game of Thrones-shaped hole in the life of fans everywhere, but what might very well be the streaming service’s most purely entertaining and enjoyable foray into the realm of the mystical and supernatural seemingly flew completely under a lot of people’s radars.

The ten episode first run of Wu Assassins landed on Netflix last summer to little fanfare but quickly picked up a decent-sized audience, with both the critic and audience score on Rotten Tomatoes (83% and 82%, respectively) reflecting how much people enjoyed it. Despite suffering from the recurring Netflix problem of a mid-season dip in quality, what the show lacks in originality and a coherent plot it more than makes up for when it comes to the outstanding fight choreography and a truly off-the-wall concept, all resulting in a very entertaining watch. As such, there’s now a pretty healthy fanbase who are eager to see more, and we don’t blame them.

After all, modern day action icon Iko Uwais is excellent in the lead role and gets to show off some impressive acting chops as he holds the ludicrous plot together playing a San Francisco chef who ends up gaining the mystical powers of the titular Wu Assassin. He also has to save the world from villains including an immortal Scottish billionaire, Triad leaders that can manipulate fire and undercover cops while dealing with his family, friends and all-powerful inter-dimensional beings that control the elements.

Wu Assassins

Things have been awfully quiet since the debut season dropped, but Wu Assassins has now reportedly been renewed for season 2, although it isn’t expected to arrive until the middle of next year at the very earliest. At least, that’s according to What’s On Netflix, who claim it’s been picked up for another run.

If you like the fantasy, martial arts, crime and superhero genres and want to see them all thrown together in something that never takes itself too seriously, then Wu Assassins is well worth checking out, as it’s a fan favorite show when it comes to Netflix originals that far too many people have been sleeping on.