First Season Six Promo For 30 Rock

After a far too long hiatus filled with baby having, gays insulting and Words with Friends related FAA violations, 30 Rock is returning to NBC. The peacock network rolled out the latest promo for the upcoming sixth season and it promises a big secret to be revealed.

Is that secret a baby? Star Tina Fey just had a baby but is Liz Lemon about to have one as well? The title of the first episode for 30 Rock season six, according to IMDB, is “Hey Baby, What’s Wrong?” I may be reading too much into the word ‘Baby’ in that title but combined with the fact that Liz has always wanted a baby on the show and a ‘big secret’ to be revealed and you get the idea that there is some baby related hijinks on the way.

It’s been a unique hiatus for 30 Rock. In June star Tracy Morgan landed in hot water for some anti-gay remarks he made during a stand up appearance in Tennessee. The remarks were blogged by an audience member and went viral forcing Morgan to make a public apology.

On a much nicer note Tina Fey’s comic autobiography “Bossypants” became a bestseller almost immediately upon release in June and Fey gave birth to her second daughter, Penelope Athena Richmond in August.

Most recently, Emmy winning 30 Rock leading man Alec Baldwin made major headlines when he was kicked of an American Airlines flight because refused to turn off his phone. Baldwin later tweeted that he had been playing Words with Friends on his phone at the time.

There is no doubt in my mind that each of these off-season issues will meet with some kind of satire when 30 Rock returns to NBC in its new timeslot, 8 Pm ET, 7 Pm CT, Thursday, January 12th.