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How Many Seasons Of Supernatural Are There?

There is plenty to binge through.


The tale of Sam and Dean Winchester and their hunt of supernatural beings began in 2005 when the show Supernatural first aired on the WB.

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Even after the WB changed into the CW, Supernatural continued its reign as one of the most beloved shows on the network with its mix of fantasy, mystery, and, of course, horror elements.

What began as the story of two brothers setting out the find their missing father eventually developed into an expansive supernatural universe growing from the traditional werewolf, vampires, and ghosts of the early seasons, into a narrative wound amongst religion, deities, and plenty of other source material.

After running for five years, the studio and team had planned for the series to come to an end after season five. But, fortunately, after production had been completed on that fifth season, the story was renewed once again and continued for another ten years.

Supernatural continued its run on the CW network for more than a decade concluding its epic story told throughout 327 episodes in November of 2020.

How many seasons of Supernatural are there?

The whole tale of Supernatural was told over 15 seasons. Each of these continued the narrative from the last, adding new characters, themes, and eventually leading the story to its conclusion.

The first two seasons of Supernatural contain 22 episodes each, but season three ran for far less. After some interference from the Writers Guild of America, the season was cut short to only 16 episodes. But, according to its creator Epic Kripke, this ultimately was to its benefit. Seasons four, five, and six all maintained 22 episodes each. Seasons seven up to season 13 all aired 23. And finally, the final two seasons of the show were limited to 20 episodes.

Spinoff series

Outside of the main series there also have been multiple spin-off shows from Supernatural.

One of these was Supernatural: The Animation. As the name suggests, this series was an animated version of the show. It followed the same source material and many of the same adventures that the show tackled but in its own unique animated style. Fans of the main series were treated with familiar voices as the cast were all back voicing their own real-life counterparts. Sadly, after the first season, the producers chose not to renew it for a second.

The other spin-off was derived from the fan-favorite episode “Hell House.” The Ghostfacers, a group of ghost hunters the Winchester brothers encountered received  their own limited run in an eleven-episode web series that can be found online.