‘Secret Invasion’ set photos reveal ‘Hawkeye’ reference

Image via Marvel Studios

Disney Plus series Secret Invasion doesn’t have a release window locked in yet, never mind an official premiere date, but it goes without saying that fans are hoping the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s hotly-anticipated episodic effort is beamed into their eyeballs sooner rather than later.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury takes top billing in a Marvel Studios project for the first time ever after a dozen supporting appearances, while the supporting cast features arguably the most exciting blend of established favorites and fresh faces we’ve seen so far on streaming.

Plot details remain firmly under wraps, other than the cycloptic head of S.H.I.E.L.D. and his colleagues attempting to thwart a Skrull infiltration of Earth, but at least we know one of Phase Four’s most crowd-pleasing moments will get a shout out.

Even an intergalactic mystery thriller with a heavy sci-fi element isn’t safe from the global popularity of Rogers: The Musical, which took the MCU fanbase by storm during Hawkeye‘s premiere. Sadly, Secret Invasion isn’t expected to feature a song-and-dance number, so a background Easter Egg will have to do.

Shooting continues in and around Europe on the show, which has been in front of cameras since last September, meaning it may not be too long before we get some updates on when we can expect to see the end product.