Secret Invasion Star Says Shooting Kicks Off Next Month

Nick Fury

Across the theatrical and Disney Plus schedule, the Marvel Cinematic Universe currently has fourteen feature films and eleven streaming exclusives in various stages of development and production, but one of the most hotly anticipated projects on the horizon is six-episode miniseries Secret Invasion.

By the time the show premieres, it’ll mark at least Samuel L. Jackson’s thirteenth appearance as Nick Fury, but the first time he’s taken top billing in any of the studio’s content. Comic book fans will be fully aware that the premise looks set to revolve around the cycloptic head of S.H.I.E.L.D. trying to combat the threat of the Skrulls, who are intent on launching a stealthy infiltration of our planet.

As you’d expect from the MCU, the supporting cast is positively loaded with talent. Academy Award winner Olivia Colman is on board along with Game of Thrones and Solo star Emilia Clarke, while there’s also the returning Ben Mendelsohn as Talos, with support coming from One Night in Miami breakout Kingsley Ben-Adir and Happy Gilmore’s Christopher McDonald, although none of the new additions have had their roles revealed as of yet.

In a new interview, though, McDonald revealed that he’s heading to London at some point in the next month or so to make his debut in the world’s biggest and most popular franchise, and it sounds like he’ll be getting plenty of screentime with Jackson.

“I’m coming to London to make this thing happen in a months time, I think? A month and a half’s time, I’ll be there doing it. I know nothing. I can say nothing cause I signed an NDA, so there’s nothing other than the fact it’s called Secret Invasion.  I can’t go too far into it. I know I’ll be doing a lot of stuff with Samuel. But I would love to work with Olivia Coleman. Of course, Ms. Emilia Clarke would be amazing. Sam’s going to be amazing.”

McDonald just looks and feels like the sort of guy Marvel would cast as a suit-wearing official of some description, so he could end up being positioned as one of Nick Fury’s closest allies and confidants. Then again, the entire concept of Secret Invasion revolves around the idea that anyone could be a Skrull, so we won’t know for sure until the show arrives next year.