Seth Rogen Blasts Game Of Thrones Showrunners For Skipping Comic-Con

Game of Thrones Dany

Despite the show having been off the air for a few months now, we’re still talking about Game of Thrones, unfortunately.

The long-running series ran right into a wall during the final few episodes, dropping off a cliff, creatively speaking. Fans were outraged at the lackluster, meager finale, and understandably so. Personally, I feel for you all, I really do. Some of my favorite shows of yesteryear also got real bad right at the end.

Folks aren’t taking it sitting down, however. Some are very vocal, in fact, including Preacher showrunner Seth Rogen. The comic actor, mostly known for his highbrow comedy has been overseeing the comic book adaptation on AMC successfully since 2015, and the series is now headed into its fourth and final season.

During the panel for Preacher at San Diego Comic-Con, Rogen kicked off the presentation, which immediately followed the Game of Thrones panel, with this doozy:

“I do just wanna start by saying I know we’re following the Game of Thrones panel which is a fucking nightmare (just objectively). I also know that their showrunners didn’t show up because they didn’t want to answer questions about the show, so I just wanna say that, I’m not one of the creators of Game of Thrones, but I am the creator of other TV shows so feel free to ask me any Game of Thrones you guys have, throughout the night. I’m not an expert, I didn’t read the books, but I watch the show so I can give you my insights and thoughts just as to how they pulled it off…”

Wow. I haven’t seen this much shade since I sat under an apple tree at high noon! I’ve also never seen so many people outwardly hostile towards a piece of media since, uh, The Last Jedi, I guess?

It’s pretty common knowledge that the Game of Thrones showrunners sped up the finale of the series so that they could move on to their nebulous Star Wars trilogy. I figure they know they let the fans down, too, and going to their panel would have been a bloodbath. Can’t say I blame them, but still, that probably doesn’t bode well for their next project.

Rogen didn’t let up either, as there’s a collection of his GOT mentions throughout the night on Reddit. Can I also say that I’m loving that Seth is starting to look like a Nike-branded Stanley Kubrick? It’s fresh.

Anyways, maybe one day those dastardly showrunners will answer for their high crimes against humanity. Until then though, at least celebs are on the side of the common folk and all can unite in their hatred of how Game of Thrones ended.