Shadow And Bone Star Teases Season 2 Is Filming Soon

Shadow and Bone

Netflix struck gold with another hit fantasy drama back in April with the release of Shadow and Bone. As based on the best-selling novels from Leigh Bardugo, the series, set in a fantastical world inspired by Tsarist Russia, shot straight to the top of the streaming giant’s charts. Thankfully, unlike many other new shows this year, S&B was greenlit for a second season this summer. But we haven’t had many updates on it since then.

Until now. One of the show’s stars has indicated that production is due to begin on its next run relatively soon. While speaking to Deadline, Ben Barnes – who plays primary villain, the shadow-powered General Kirigan – teased that he has one other project to go before he returns to Shadow and Bone.

“I’ve been working on Guillermo del Toro’s Horror anthology, Cabinet of Curiosities,” Barnes said, “and I’m going back to season two of Shadow and Bone.”

S&B season 1 made the bold choice to draw from two of the original books at once – the first entry in the Grishaverse, Shadow and Bone, and elements of Six of Crows. It followed lowly orphan mapmaker Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) as she discovers she’s the Sun-Summoner, the most powerful Grisha (those with magical abilities) who is destined to save the kingdom of Ravka. Meanwhile, anti-hero criminal Kaz Brekker (Freddie Carter) and his crew are hired to kidnap Alina for a sum too hefty to pass up.

Likewise, season 2 is expected to tackle the storylines of book 2 Siege and Storm and the bulk of Six of Crows. So fans can look forward to seeing rogue Grisha Nina (Danielle Galligan) and her witch-hunter boyfriend Matthias (Calahan Skogman) join the Crows, Alina befriend charming Prince Nikolai (who’s yet to be cast) and for Kirigan to embrace his sinister side more than ever.

Netflix is reportedly planning at least four seasons of the show, with a Crows-centric spinoff also rumored. Going by Barnes’ comments, it’s possible Shadow and Bone season 2 could start shooting in the early part of 2022, so hopefully, further news isn’t too far away.